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SPath is my project for alternative processing tools for XML and ideally, related data formats such as JSON, YAML and so on and so forth. We can coin the term NOXML to mean Not Only XML. Many XML detractors out there but I say the mainstream tools and languages for XML weren't good enough. JSON lacks typing support that XML enjoys through schemas so maybe there is a middle ground still to be explored. My embedded domain specific language, called SPath, shows that it is not hard to implement a better query language for XML in Scala - a nice object oriented and functional programming language with strong typing enforced at compile time. In future I want to implement SPath on succinct XML data structures. That is, structures based on Jacobson's balanced parentheses that uses space close to the information-theoretic lower bound and supports fast access operations to tree nodes.


SPath: an extensible query-language for Scala (2011)
Nicholas Nguyen
Available from the Journal of Object Technology

Source code

Available in my GIT repository. I still haven't submitted the jars to Maven central repository yet.

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